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Are you missing teeth? Does tooth loss make it difficult to eat and speak? The team at Carepoint Dental can help.

A custom set of full or partial dentures can help you eat, speak, and smile with a renewed sense of confidence.

Learn how a set of custom dentures from our Henderson, NV, dental practice can revitalize your oral health.

Don't Live With Tooth Loss Call our Henderson Dental Practice today!

We understand that tooth loss can be embarrassing and overwhelming. Our dentist, Dr. Aaron Osga, has the skill and experience to ensure your dental needs are met. He will never over-treat and only recommends the treatments you need to achieve optimal oral health and function. With dentures, he can restore your smile, allowing you to eat and speak properly once more. Whether you have partial or complete tooth loss, he offers both removable traditional dentures and implant-supported dentures to fit your unique needs. 

Not sure if dentures are right for you? Call us at our Henderson, NV, dental practice, or request an initial consultation using our online form today. 

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5-Star Reviews From Happy Henderson Patients


CHi CHI HSIEH (中國娃娃琦琦)


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I love coming to this office! I highly recommend you to come here if you are looking for a new dental office. Really faired price, laughter and they treat you like family. It’s very rare going to a dental office where everyone greets you, really outstanding , more then amazing customer service and they also work with you & around your schedule!!! My hubby & i love coming here and always look forward to coming to my appointment knowing the fact I’ll be well taken care of! 

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Hyla Delery


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My experience with CarePoint dental was the best dentist experience I have had in years the front desk to all the nurses are very respectable the doctor is so awesome no matter what that will be the only Dennis office I will go to thank you so very much for your time Mrs. Hyla Davis-Delery thank you have a blessed day and be safe

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The Benefits of Dentures

Restores a Natural-Looking Smile

Well-made dentures look just like a person's natural teeth — that means a new set of teeth you can feel proud about and no visible tooth gaps that leave you feeling self-conscious.

Eat Your Favorite Foods Again

You don't have to subsist on smoothies and soft foods alone. With a new set of teeth in place, your dentures will help you eat many of your favorite foods, potentially improving your diet.

High-Quality Materials and Fabrication

Carepoint Dental partners with a well-regarded local dentistry lab that uses durable acrylic materials. The technicians will craft a denture that looks just like a patient's natural teeth.

Enhance Facial Aesthetics After Tooth Loss

If you're missing multiple teeth, it can cause your lips and cheeks to appear sunken in. A set of dentures fills out a person's face, which can help patients look years younger.

Implant-Supported Dentures

In addition to conventional dentures, which are removable, patients can also get full or partial dentures supported by dental implants. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically anchored into the jawbone. Once the implants have fused with the bone structure (a process called osseointegration), they will be stable enough to support an appliance.

With implants, a denture has far greater stability comparable to natural teeth. There is no more need for denture adhesives or creams. Implant-retained dentures won't budge while you're eating, speaking, and laughing around the ones you love.

We can discuss candidacy for implant-supported dentures during your consultation at our Henderson office.

Bone-Saving Benefits of Implants

Besides optimum stability for your denture restoration, dental implants provide important, bone-saving benefits for your jawbone. Dental implants are the only restorative dentistry procedure that prevents and stops the jawbone deterioration that occurs with tooth loss. 

A Dentist You Can Trust Proudly Serving Henderson, NV


Lela Palsgrove


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Wow...what an amazing office, starting with office manager Anna, who greets you by name as soon as you walk in the door.  Dr. Osga is super friendly, gentle and very knowledgeable. He takes time to explain everything to you and makes sure you are very comfortable during the whole process. He really cares about customers well-being and doesn't recommend dental work that doesn't benefit customer long term. Whole staff is amazing including dental hygienist Cheyenne, they treat you like a family from the minute you walk. Thank you Dr. Osga & team.

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Hannah Jung


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i’ve been going to this office ever since i was a kid. i have never felt so comfortable going to an appointment. everyone there from the staff to the dr are just amazing and i couldn’t ask for a better office. price is very reasonable, offering me a pretty good deal on my recommending treatment also having their orb discount plan effective for a whole year? sold! not just that, the dr works pretty quickly and works wonders. i’ve never loved smiling more then i do now! thanks carepoint :) 10/10 would highly recommend

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Find Out if Dentures Are Right for You Contact Carepoint Dental Today

Don't let tooth loss get you down. If you're not happy about your smile, come see Dr. Aaron Osga. A patient-centered dentist, he can help you find a solid solution that suits your needs.

Dr. Osga can examine your tooth gaps, remaining teeth, gums, and jawbone. He'll develop a custom treatment plan that takes your needs into account. As you decide between a removable denture or one that's implant-supported, we will give you all the information you need to make an informed choice.

To learn more about dentures, dental implants, and other topics related to tooth loss, contact our dental office in Henderson, NV. You can also reach Carepoint Dental by phone.

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The Denture Process What Patients Can Expect

It is important to remember that the process for traditional dentures will vary from implant-supported dentures. For traditional dentures, the completed denture should be ready in about 2-3 weeks. 
It is important to remember that the process for traditional dentures will vary from implant-supported dentures. For traditional dentures, the completed denture should be ready in about 2-3 weeks. 

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation at our Henderson office, Dr. Osga will examine your teeth, gums, and jawbone. Based on X-rays and your dental health needs, he'll let you know if traditional dentures or an implant-supported appliance is right for you.

Preparatory Treatment

If you require preparatory treatments such as implant placement or extractions, this must be done first and your mouth must be given time to heal. For implant-supported dentures, your implants must be given about six months to fuse to the jawbone before your dentures are placed. Extractions generally heal in a few weeks.

Taking Impressions

Impressions are taken of your mouth. We use digital scanning equipment to take impressions rather than traditional impression trays. In addition to being more comfortable, digital impressions provide accurate 3D details of different tooth surfaces for a comfortable fit.

Creating the Denture

The digital impressions are sent to the dental lab, where technicians create a custom appliance. The finished acrylic denture is hand-finished, helping it look more realistic.

Final Fitting

The completed denture should be ready in about 2-3 weeks. When you return to Carepoint Dental for the finished denture, we'll check the appliance for comfort and fit, making any adjustments as needed.

Caring for Your Dentures Aftercare Expectations, Do's, and Don'ts

Initial Adjustment

New dentures take a little getting used to. You may notice that your new dentures cause you to salivate a lot or affect your ability to speak. This only lasts a few weeks as you get accustomed to wearing the appliance.

Oral Hygiene

Proper oral hygiene is the cornerstone of good dental care. Brush the roof of your mouth and any remaining teeth at least twice a day and wipe your gums clean. This removes unwanted food particles and plaque.

Cleaning Your Denture

Proper denture care means using a denture brush to clean your appliance after meals. There are also many denture cleaning solutions on the market that help prevent bad breath and remove tough stains or food particles.

Soaking Your Denture

Take out your full or partial at night while you sleep. Soak the appliance in a glass of water so it doesn't warp and change shape. Some people use convenient overnight denture cleansers while the appliance soaks.

Regular Checkups

Make sure you visit Carepoint Dental every six months for routine exams and cleanings. Our dentist can check for any sores along the gumline, make sure your denture is in good condition, and address your concerns.

Care for Implant-Supported Dentures

If you and your dentist choose implant-supported dentures, caring for them is easy. Once Dr. Osga secures your dentures in place, you will treat them the same as your natural teeth. There is no need to remove and soak them. Brush and floss with a normal, soft bristle brush and be sure to attend all your regular dental visits. Your dentist may remove your dentures during these exams to ensure they are still in optimal shape and to examine your gums. Enjoy maximum stability without messy denture adhesives with your implant-supported dentures.

Smiling Man Brushing Teeth

Your Smile Is Our Priority A Leading Dentist in Clark County


Frank Warthen


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Very competent, professional dentist.  Courteous, helpful staff and an outstanding hygienist.  Reasonably priced.  I've had a LOT of dental work in my 83 years and this office is the best I have ever had!

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Jose Valle


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Great dentist, just had some deep cleaning done and the doctor was excellent!!! She was very professional, warm and friendly!!! The staff is also very friendly and helpful!!! I totally recommend Carepoint Dental to any one looking for a dentist!!!

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Denture Repair


If your denture is ever chipped, cracked, or otherwise fractured, you can come to Dr. Osga for possible denture repair. We can determine if the damage can be fixed or if you need a replacement. Carepoint Dental works with an off-site partner to fix any broken dental prostheses.

How Long Will My Dentures Last?

On average, dentures last about 10 years. However, with proper care, your dentures can last for even longer. Be sure to follow your dentist's guidelines for proper care to help your new smile look its best for years to come. 

The Cost of Dentures

The cost of dentures can vary a fair amount, particularly if you get a denture that's anchored by dental implants. Because of this, the price range for treatment can be quite broad.

During your consultation at Carepoint Dental, we can provide a custom price breakdown for the custom appliance itself, an implant procedure, and any related dental work.

Our team strives to provide affordable dentistry to people in Henderson and the broader community. This is why we offer CareCredit® financing, which divides the total cost of dentistry procedures into affordable monthly installments.

Aaron Osga, DDS

Carepoint Dental

Aaron Osga, D.D.S., and the friendly team of dental professionals at Carepoint Dental provide the highest quality dental care to the community of Henderson, NV. So that you and your family can enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile, our dental practice offers:

  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Evening Appointments Available on Thursday
  • Sedation Dentistry

To schedule an appointment at our Henderson, NV, dental office contact us online or by calling (702) 645-6888.

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